Things Teachers and Students Do in School That We Never Have to Do as Homeschoolers

Things Teachers and Students Do in School That We Never Have to Do as HomeschoolersWelcome to Day 17 of the 31 Days of Random Reflections on Raising and Homeschooling a Child with Special Needs. You can find the main page for this series here.

I can’t help compare my homeschool life to the life I led in the classroom. Some days, I say, “I couldn’t do this if I were still working at school!”

I thought it would be fun to flip the coin on its head and share things we never have to do as homeschoolers that teachers and students do in school.

10 things school teachers do that homeschooling parents never have to do:

  1. Meet-the-teacher night
  2. Parent-teacher meetings
  3. Eat lunch in a crowded room through a faculty meeting while correcting student work
  4. Chase after parental forms and school fees
  5. Reserve technology at least one week before the lesson
  6. Fight with outdated equipment 5 minutes before the lesson
  7. Write a note in the technician’s binder only to have equipment repaired a month later
  8. Kick the never-working-when-you-really-need it photocopier
  9. Write notes to parents about incomplete homework
  10. Prepare and regularly update a substitution kit

10 things school students do that homeschooling students never have to do:

  1. Snap to attention each time a bell rings (and live and breathe by the clock)
  2. Line-up to enter a building
  3. Line-up without talking to walk down a hallway
  4. Raise hand to be granted permission to speak
  5. Ask for a bathroom pass
  6. Finger to lips and opposite hand raised to quiet down
  7. Share outdated technology with 200+ people
  8. Eat lunch in a crowded, noisy room
  9. Look forward to Art on Fridays only to have it cancelled due to holidays mostly on Fridays
  10. Miss a much-awaited field trip due to illness (And never have a chance to go again. Ever.)

If you look closely at the lists, you will surely find them as amusing as I do. Many of the items only happen in schools and nowhere outside of that institution. Go ahead. Reread the list with those glasses.

Aren’t we grateful for the homeschooling lifestyle?


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