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Why Holiday Shopping for Homeschoolers is Different from Everyone Else on Your List: Tips for Family and Friends of Homeschoolers (+ the ULTIMATE Gift Guide!)

Please note that this post is laden with affiliate links. I will make a little commission if you choose to purchase through these links, but it will never cost you more. Rest assured that I did my homework when I put this list together for you. I looked for high-quality, relevant, original and easy-to-ship/ download/ […]

The Caregiver’s Notebook: An Organizational Tool and Support to Help You Care for Others – A Review

This post is a review of Jolene Philo’s The Caregiver’s Note Book: An Organizational Tool and Support to Help you Care for Others. I received a complimentary review copy, but I was already sold on this tool before I was offered it. The opinion expressed in this review is fully my own, and the link […]

Homeschooling a Child With Special Needs – An Interview

I was recently interviewed by Demetria Zinga of Christian Homeschool Moms about homeschooling a child with special needs. In this interview, I share: why more and more parents of children with special needs are choosing to homeschool what the benefits of homeschooling are to a child with special needs what supplies and equipment parents need […]