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Don’t Fall Prey to a System Within the Freedom of Your Homeschooling

This has come to my attention repeatedly over the years: parents’ hesitancy to educate to the full potential that homeschooling permits with concern their child won’t be able to catch-up if eventually placed in a school system. On the one hand, parents experience the freedom to target their child’s individual needs using the method that […]

Planning the Homeschool Year for Your Child with Special Needs: Part 9 – Planning Your Day

Part 1 – Outlining your beliefs Part 2 – Finding your child’s dominant intelligence(s) and learning style Part 3 – Choosing an educational style Part 4 – Locating the curriculum/ program & finding resourses Part 5 – Modifying/ adapting the curriculum Part 6 – Planning the year Part 7 – Mapping out the months Part […]