How Organization Leads to Productivity in Your Homeschool (+ a Tool to Guide You!)

How Organization Leads to Productivity in Your HomeschoolA good start to a good homeschool year requires some organization. While you might be a pro at eliminating clutter and creating organized spaces, you might not be so talented at planning for an entire homeschool year.

Yet, organizing and planning is the number one thing parents need to do at this time of year.

According to FranklinCovey, “54% of the parents surveyed believe they are more organized at work than they are at home. This may be due to the fact that work is a more structured environment and many of the organizational tools are provided to them by their employer.”

Even if you consider yourself to be a “loose” homeschooler, you need to at least have a skeleton to use as a map for your child’s education. Once you have the scaffolding in place, you can be as wiggly with the daily plans as you wish.

Benefits of being organized and having clearly defined goals:

  • your stress level is lowered
  • you can rid of the mental, energetic, emotional, physical and spiritual drains that come with carrying confusion and overwhelm over an extended amount of time
  • your child learns and benefits from your organizational skills since children with special needs thrive with structure and organization
  • you gain time because you’re not aimlessly searching for ideas
  • you have the freedom to do things you have always wanted to do (both in and out of homeschooling)
  • you gain confidence as you begin to develop an “I can do this!” attitude
  • you eliminate unnecessary fears and worries
  • you save money because you’re not needlessly buying things you don’t need (but thought you did)
  • you make better decisions
  • your motivation level increases – giving you the push to do more and be more productive in a short amount of time

Disorganization is a barrier to successful homeschooling.

It doesn’t feel good.

It doesn’t do good.


Are you feeling disorganized in your homeschool? What is your biggest challenge?

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