Day 27: Restoring Relief, Overcoming Parental Regret

Welcome to day 27 of the 31 Days of Restoration: Spiritual and Emotional Support for Parents of Children with Special Needs. You can find the main page for this series here.

Is there ever a day that doesn’t end with the thoughts, “I could have done this better”?

When we spend as much time as we do with our homeschooled children, there will come a situation we wish we handled differently. Or, words we could have used instead. Or, methodology we could have avoided altogether.

The beautiful thing about the sun setting and rising is that we are given the opportunity to leave our regrets to the night, and find relief in a new day.

Affirmations for Restoring Relief and Overcoming Parental Regret

  • Even though I know I could have handled this better; I am given space for a fresh start.
  • I forgive myself today and redeem myself for tomorrow.
  • My child forgives me today and hands me the blank slate to start anew tomorrow.
  • No matter how I handled it, I know I will be OK.
  • No matter what, my child will be OK.
  • No matter what, it will all be OK.

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