Day 26: Embracing Healthy Attachment, Overcoming Parental Misconceptions

Welcome to day 26 of the 31 Days of Restoration: Spiritual and Emotional Support for Parents of Children with Special Needs. You can find the main page for this series here.

It takes a little trust and a whole lot of letting God to finally get to a point where parents of children with special needs can seek adequate support and let others fully care for their child.

There is no right or wrong formula. There is no right or wrong time. I hope that no parent is ever forced into doing what they are not ready to do, however.

Even for those of us who practice attachment parenting and for those of us homeschooling, there will naturally come a time when delivering our child into the hands of others will be the best thing for his journey into independence.

I have been strategically building this up in tiny increments my son’s entire life. And, oh, how I have been misunderstood for my parenting style. What looks like helicopter parenting to some is actually intentional guidance for the greatest release I will ever have to make in his lifetime.

I have stood by attachment parenting since the pregnancy and my son has grown into a secure, trusting, and strong individual as a result. I know that when the day will come to have him fully cared for by others, this being, who was entrusted in me in his early years, will soar without me.

Affirmations for Embracing Healthy Attachment and Overcoming Parental Misconceptions

  • Even though I feel I can do it all for my child, I am resigned to the fact that I am not meant to.
  • Even if others do not agree with my parenting style, I solidly advocate for my vision.
  • I have been strongly present in my child’s early years so that I can gently let go in his later years.
  • I stand by my parenting style because I know the end-goal.
  • My child is internalizing the trust I have in him and in his abilities.
  • I am responsive to my child’s needs so that he can learn to rely on his intuition.
  • No matter what, I know I will be OK.
  • No matter what, my child will be OK.
  • No matter what, it will all be OK.

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