Day 23: Restoring Motivation, Overcoming Parental Discouragement

Welcome to day 23 of the 31 Days of Restoration: Spiritual and Emotional Support for Parents of Children with Special Needs. You can find the main page for this series here.

As homeschooling parents of children with special needs, staying-power can sometimes be hard to come by.

We might have our meals [mostly] planned. We might have our home [mostly] in order. We might even have laundry [mostly] up-to-date.

But, even on our good days, staying on top of schooling can challenge how well we bring our A-game.

It’s tough to remain motivated because there is just so much to manage. When we run an entire household, who is our homeschool cheerleader? Who pushes us to keep going? Who swoops in to take over while we recharge our batteries?

While we might accept help with errands and meals, handing over schooling to someone else isn’t easy to do. Only other homeschoolers can fully grasp how discouraged we become when our child doesn’t want to focus today. Or, when our best-laid plans don’t take off. Or, when we reach an impasse with a skill we so want our child to grasp.

Affirmations for Restoring Motivation and Overcoming Parental Discouragement

  • Even though I feel discouraged today, I know that tomorrow brings new opportunities.
  • Even though my child shutdown today, I know that he will tackle this in his own time.
  • I am satisfied with what we accomplished today no matter how tiny an attempt it might seem.
  • There is no such thing as “too little” or “not enough.”
  • Every effort counts in the masterpiece of life.
  • No matter what, I know I will be OK.
  • No matter what, my child will be OK.
  • No matter what, it will all be OK.

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