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Homeschooling a Child With Special Needs – An Interview

I was recently interviewed by Demetria Zinga of Christian Homeschool Moms about homeschooling a child with special needs. In this interview, I share: why more and more parents of children with special needs are choosing to homeschool what the benefits of homeschooling are to a child with special needs what supplies and equipment parents need […]

Reading Between the Lines: What the Medical Reports Don’t Explain About Your Child with Special Needs

I am convinced that those feel-good quotes surfing social media sites were not written by parents of children with special needs. If they were, the parent(s) must have been having a particularly good moment (or a good glass of wine). When we are given a diagnosis, and when we do the research, we aren’t given […]

Concept Planning for Homeschooling Your Child with Special Needs: A Spelling Case Study

Does this sound like you: You’ve chosen to homeschool, you have all the curriculum/ program/ resource materials you need, but you’re at loss with guiding your child with one of his biggest issues: spelling. This article is a sample case study. It takes you through the steps I follow in preparing a client report — […]